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Some skills to develop during the lockdown to generate passive income


It’s been long since lock-down took place. Later or sooner the lock-down is going to end. Lots of people just waste time sleeping, eating, surfing the internet, etc. You might be one of these. Instead of doing, utilize your time and can develop some skills that help you in the future.

Here are some skills that you can develop to generate passive income

1. Blogging

You can start blogging now. If you have little knowledge or no knowledge you can start and it’s free. If you are a beginner then you can start with a blogger. You need google id(Gmail account) to start. It is free and you can earn from blogging. It is simple and anyone can start. Just post a blog you are interested in.

2. YouTube

You can start a YouTube channel and make videos that you are good at. It doesn’t need any skills. You just need little knowledge about video editing. You can get lots of free video editing software and it is very easy to use. Just google and find free video editing software that is suitable for you. And you also need to create a Google Adsense account to make money from YouTube. You can find lots of videos about creating an Adsense account and YouTube account and you can start.

3. Online Course

You can take an online course and enhance your skills. There are lots of platforms where you can take online courses and get certified. Watch YouTube video tutorials based on your interest. Google also provides free online courses including certificates. Click here to get an online course from Google.

4. Reading Books

Reading enable you for critical thinking and can also help to focus on your life goal. Book reading is the thing that I can recommend to you. Buy some books from a book store or you can get it from the library or you can buy online. You can also get a free eBook online. Just google some books you are interested in you can get free from Google. I can recommend some books that will help in lot more ways and help you to generate passive income.

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Think and Grow Rich
  • Zero to one
  • The secret of millionaire mind
  • The intelligent investor

5. Learn about share market

If you have knowledge about the share market then that’s great, you can start investing your saving. Saving cannot add more value than investing. Inflation decreases the value of money. If you have $100 now, after one year your $100 will be less than $100. Investing in the share market or elsewhere can add value to money. All I want to say to you are that you can learn about investment and how money works. When you find out how money works then you can generate money with little money or no money. Just increase your financial knowledge. You can find lots of articles on Google about share market and investment and also you can get videos on YouTube. One can generate passive income by investing in the share market.

6. Communication skills

It is the skills that you need to develop if you don’t have. It is the skills that can help you during your whole life. Many people cannot talk in mass. They cannot express themselves to the people or mass. People lack confidence while talking and that bring them down. To develop communication skills you can read an article on Google. Watch a YouTube video tutorial for more information.

7. Digital Marketing

It’s been the most popular course at this time. Digital marketing helps to increase income levels. These skills can be developed online. It also helps to promote any business online. If you don’t have your business than you can promote other businesses and can charge them to provide service. In today’s world, one should have knowledge of digital marketing. You can learn digital marketing form YouTube by watching video tutorials. You can also learn from Google and can get a certificate. Google garage helps you to get a digital marketing course.

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  1. Thank you, for providing this information to us it will help to the students, who don’t have any work to do in the recent situation . It motivates them to busy on the work that you mentioned which enhance their skills, knowledge and career.

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