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Small Business ideas in Nepal

business ideas

Business is simply related to buying and selling goods and services to make a profit. Here are lots of small business ideas in Nepal where you can start from today. The business ideas which are mentioned here require some capital or investment to start a business. You can also refer to another post where you can make money online with almost zero investment. The ideas mentioned here focus on Nepal.

business ideas

Small Business ideas

  1. Salon business
  2. Beauty parlor
  3. Poultry farm
  4. Ready-made cloth shop
  5. Shoe shop
  6. Meat shop
  7. Restaurant and bar
  8. Tuition center

These business ideas can help you to make a decent amount of money. Let’s talk about each idea in detail.

1. Salon business

salon business

A salon is a place where people cut hair and do other beauty treatments. Salon business is in a boom in Nepal. It is a great opportunity to start a salon business. You don’t have to an expert to cut hair and do other beauty treatments. Hire someone who has skills to cut hair or having experience and invest some money. Choose a good location where there is low competition and demand is high and if there is a high competition you can use your strategy to attract customers.

First, you need to register a PAN number, and then you can start doing a salon business and if your salon looks attractive you can receive a customer. If you are an investor in salon business you can give salary to your staff as per salary trend and look after your business. You don’t have to sit there all the time, you can also do some extra business other than this. If you have skills to cut hair and do beauty treatment and you have some money to invest then you can enjoy all the profit and bear loss on your own.

You can be a sole owner or you can ask your friends and relatives to invest and do a partnership business. 

2. Beauty parlor

beauty parlor

It is similar to the salon business. Generally, men go to salons and females go to the beauty parlor for a beauty treatment. With a small investment, you can also establish a beauty parlor. You can get training from a different institution and you can start your own business. Also, if you don’t want to take the training you can hire some person to work for you. You can generate a good amount of money if it is done with different new strategies.

Same as salon business you need to register PAN number and can start after. You can be a sole owner or you can ask your friends and relatives to invest and do a partnership business. 

3. Poultry farm

poultry farm

The poultry farm is related to animal husbandry where you can keep chickens, ducks, etc. As the demand for meat is increasing day by day in Nepal. Most of the people want to eat non-veg items. Most of the veg people also show interest in non-veg items. There is a huge profit in this business when it is managed well. There is also some risk in this business but it can be minimized. You can grow some chickens and also get eggs from them. Chickens and eggs can be sold in the market. 

You need a small plot of land and when you choose a land in the offside area, society won’t be affected. Land can be bought or can be taken on lease. If you don’t have sufficient money then you can get a loan from the bank easily. Like other businesses, PAN numbers should be registered. It is a great idea to start your own business. Even if you have no idea about poultry farms, you can learn or hire someone with good experience in this field.

4. Ready-made Cloth shop

ready-made cloth shop

Readymade cloth is very popular in Nepal. People prefer readymade cloth instead of stitching clothes and wait for 1 week or more to get prepared. There are lots of fashion designers in the world. They introduce different attractive designs every year. So, there is huge scope in this business. You need some investment depends upon the location. If you could take your business online you can grow easily as the digital world is growing rapidly.

5. Shoe shop

shoe shop

Same as readymade shops there is huge scope in this business. People always want to look attractive and stylish. The demand for shoes is increasing day by day in Nepal. You can keep a different category of shoes for different class people. You can get a very good margin in sales and if you have selling skills you can generate huge revenue. Also, use different techniques for selling and try to get your business online to increase sales.

6. Meat shop

meat shop

As it is already mentioned above that the demand for meat is growing rapidly in Nepal. Open shop in a good location where you can supply more and also demand is high. If you have skills to cut meat then you can do on your own, if not you can hire someone who is experienced in this field. Supply to hotels, restaurants, hostels, etc to increase sales which ultimately increases your revenue.

7. Restaurants and bar

restaurant and bar

Restaurants and bar is also a growing sector in Nepal. People want fresh and good quality food. Most of the people are not satisfied with the food they get in some hotels. So, it might be a great opportunity for you to give quality service to your customers. There is a huge scope to expand the hotel business. You can target local people and tourists as well. With little investment, you can start and later you can expand depending upon the profits. It will be beneficial when you take your business online. Making the brand of your business will be another benefit. 

8. Tuition center

tuition center

The education sector is the most growing in Nepal. If you have teaching skills then you can open a tuition center and teach a group of students. You also need some marketing skills to run the tuition center. Hire teachers of the different subjects as no one can teach all the subjects. Select the best location where there is a high number of students.

Disclaimer: All the ideas mentioned above are based upon author experience and knowledge. The failure of any business ideas depends on yourself. This article is only for educational purposes and if you could do well using the proper business strategy you might get success.

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