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Job or Business – Which one should you choose

Job is related to working for others to get remuneration. We work for others and expect something in return. Business is just something you do on your own and makes money. Let’s see in deep about job and business.



It is very easy to do. You don’t have to make lots of effort. Employees are assigned some tasks, and they do what their boss or leader says. While working for other most people enjoy and most people hate, and they have to work in every situation. If your mindset is about doing a job then just go ahead and look for a job that you are interested in. Always consider whether you can do a job for your lifetime or not. Ask yourself whether you enjoy working for others or not. If you are comfortable doing a job then find a job where you have an interest and do that particular job. If your job is not based on your interest then you can’t do it for long. Don’t always focus on money, just follow your interest and passion money will come to you.

Job is for people who don’t want to do something of their own. The job won’t make you rich. Successful and rich people never choose a job. When you work for other you have to pay tax and you won’t be able to fulfill all the demand of yours and your family. If you can make your mindset strong then start your own business as you don’t need any degree to start a business. Most successful people don’t have a college degree. They just followed their dream and they never gave up. You won’t be able to do what you want when you have a job.

Most of the employees want to work less and get more salary. Employers want to get more work from employees and pay less. Employees always focus on time while working 10 to 5. They also have an eye on a paycheck. Due to which the efficiency and productivity of employees and the employer pay them less.

Advantages of Job

  1. Employees don’t have to take risks they get a fixed salary every month.
  2. Job is more comfortable as doing a business
  3. You get a paycheck on time.
  4. Can enjoy the extra time and vacation.
  5. Get promotion which increases salary.
  6. Working in different companies is possible to get more pay.

Disadvantages of Job

  1. You won’t get enough pay as you want.
  2. Have to always follow your boss or leader.
  3. You might not get involved in the decision-making process.
  4. Your hard work rewards to company and less to you or even you won’t get the reward.
  5. Employees might feel monotonous doing the same work every day.
  6. Might not get paid holiday.
  7. Employees always have work pressure, and they have to meet the target.



It is related to buying and selling of goods regularly to earn a profit. Anyone can start a business knowing sales techniques. If you are a team player then the business is a perfect idea for you. It is not as easy as doing a job. Your goal should be clear about doing a business or a job. If you don’t want to work for others then do something on your own. You won’t get success just after starting your business. It takes time to grow and make some profit. Patience, consistency, belief, strategy, hard work, teamwork play a crucial role in the growth of a business. 

If you are a risk-taker then only decide to start a business. There is a high risk in business as compared to the job. There is no single person who is rich in the world having a job. If you are scared of failure then the business is not for you. Be a problem solver, flexible, dedicated, passionate enough to do business. Analyze yourself, find out the strength and weaknesses, and examine whether you are ready to start a business or not.

Always try to learn and get an idea about the market before starting a business. Get a job and learn from it and then only start a business with low investment. Later you can increase your capital as your business grow.

Advantages of Business

  1. You can enjoy your time and go on vacation anytime as your work is done by your employees.
  2. You can enjoy all the profit when you have a sole firm.
  3. Don’t have to follow other instructions.
  4. All your hard work, strategy, pays only you not to others as you don’t have a boss.
  5. You can enjoy life as you dream of and don’t have to compromise for anything in your life.
  6. You can never be dismissed by your boss.
  7. Prestige in society increases.

Disadvantages of Business

  1. There is a high risk in business as compared to the job. If you have sole ownership firm then you have to bear all the loss.
  2. There is a high liability of sole ownership firms.
  3. No one knows whether the business will make a profit or loss.
  4. Your business may collapse if not managed.
  5. As a business owner, you might have stress about the business.
  6. You have to take full responsibility for business growth and failure.
  7. There is a high financial risk in a business.
  8. When business is not changed by time, the business might get failure.

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Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes. We don’t say a job or best or business is best. It’s you who have to decide what to choose. This post just gives an idea about the job and business. It all depends upon your interest in whether to do a job or business.



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