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How to generate passive income in Nepal

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We work day and night to get some money which is not enough for us. It will be much easier when we get money without working or giving less effort to earn some extra money. Woking 10 to 5 won’t give you financial freedom. We always want more and more income to fulfill or demands or to maintain a lifestyle but most of us feel the financial problems. Below are some ways in which you can earn money by giving you little time and effort to generate passive income.

Ideas to earn passive income in Nepal

  1. Share Market 
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Fixed Deposit
  4. Investing in Debentures
  5. eBook selling
  6. Course selling
  7. Investing in some local business

1. Share Market

You can buy and sell stock/share and can make a profit. Please note the share market has risks. But there is also a profit and most people are involved in the share market in Nepal. Click here to get an idea about buying and selling shares in Nepal.

There are two ways where you can earn money from the share market. The 1st one is investing in an IPO or primary market. The second one is getting actively involved in the secondary market. Investing in IPO doesn’t require more knowledge. Anyone having basic knowledge can start. But investing in the secondary market requires some knowledge of risk and return. You can invest for short term as well as long term. In the short term, you have to look daily chart and some technical analysis. Whereas, in the long term, you don’t have to do anything more. Just choose good stock and invest. You will get a dividend every year depending upon the profits of the company. The stock can be sold at any time. 

2. Affiliate Marketing

It is referred to as selling other’s products and getting a commission from it. Slowly affiliate marketing is growing in our country Nepal there is a wide scope and it is a good idea to start from today. Build a blog or website and attached an affiliate link. When you start getting traffic to your website or blog you will start making money. Building a website or blog requires some time and knowledge also you have to give some time. You can do it in your free time. The payment gateway in Nepal is not good and some affiliate programs are not available in Nepal. You can also monetize your website or blog with Google Adsense to earn money. If you can manage payment gateway like PayPal then you can increase your earning.

3. Fixed Deposit

If you have some ideal money then make a fixed deposit in the bank. You can also get a high return in a fixed deposit account instead of a savings account. You can make a fixed deposit for 1month, 3months, 6months, 1year, or more than that. Suppose you have Rs 1lakh and you don’t need that money for 6month or 1year then you can deposit that money on your fixed deposit account. There is no risk or minimum risk in a fixed deposit account. Invest in the share market if you can take a risk. If you think that you can’t take risks then a fixed deposit will be the best option. You don’t have to do anything as your banks earn for you.

4. Investing in Debenture

Investing in Debenture is similar to making a fixed deposit. You have to give money to some company who issue debenture and every year you will get an interest in your investment. You can do it online by logging in to meroshare. It is also the best way to invest your money where you will get a fixed interest with minimum risk or no risk. Anyone can invest in the debenture. Basic knowledge of using meroshare is sufficient. 

5. Ebook Selling

It is very popular and there is a wide scope of ebook selling in Nepal as the digital world is moving fast. You can write something which can give value to your customer. It might seem hard to sell an ebook but it is not. If you are an expert in something you can write an ebook based on your experience and can sell in the digital platform. You can also sell it from social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It can be the part of passive where you don’t have to involve actively.

For example, you are an expert in business management having some experience. Teaching some students or some business person then you have to arrange class and you have to involve actively. But in this case, you call write an ebook and sell online easily. You can also write a book and earn money without doing anything.

6. Course Selling

Same as an ebook you can make video courses and sell them online. You can also make a website where you can brand your course which will be easy to sell in the market. As a digital platform for learning is growing rapidly it will be a wise decision for passive income. You can also make a course on learning platforms like unacademy, udemy, etc. For example, merolagani is selling a technical analysis course and charging some money. Thus, you can also do the same. If you are an expert with something then make a course and sell it. 

7. Investing in some local business

If you have money then you can invest in some local business. Most people are thinking to start their own business, but they lack funding. You can fund such business and can make passive income as you don’t have to work in that particular business. Click here for some small business ideas in Nepal. There is some risk of being an investor. If a business grows well and earns profit you can also make a profit otherwise you have to bear a loss.



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