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How to earn money online in Nepal

make money online

Earing money online in Nepal is not difficult if you are ready to invest your time in it and before making money you should have some skills to sell on the internet.

We get frustrated when we don’t get what we are looking for and if you are here means you might be looking for the best platform where you can earn money online and get paid easily. Well making money online is not hard but it can be hard when you don’t have some skills and knowledge about the internet world. We get lots of scammer on the internet. There are lots of websites, apps, and even people who say you can work and get paid. But in fact, they don’t pay you. I have been gone through scammers and wasted my valuable time seeking to make some pocket money.

make money online

Please be aware of scammers. Money can’t be earned easily and it doesn’t come over the night. You have to work smart and improve yourself. At first, you have to develop some skills before making money. You can make money by:-

  • Selling physical as well as a digital product
  • Selling your skills and knowledge

Selling a physical and digital product

It is the most popular and classical techniques to make money. You can sell physical as well as digital products to make real money. Also, you can sell your products online and offline. For offline selling, you need a physical location. And I guess most of you might be aware of offline selling. Online selling has become very popular. You can sell digital products online. Digital products like software, ebooks, etc. Don’t worry if you don’t have such a product then you can sell other digital products and get a commission. Affiliate marketing helps you to sell other products. You can search for affiliate marketing on Google or on YouTube. But in the context of Nepal, it is a bit difficult for affiliate marketing but later there is a huge scope in Nepal.

Selling your skills and knowledge

You can sell your skills online and offline. There are lots of platforms where you can sell your skills online. I will be discussing it, before selling your skills you need to develop one. Don’t focus on lots of skills focus on somewhere you can find your interest and also you are passionate about. When you do the work where you have no interest and only doing for money, you can’t do well. And you can’t grow well. You will feel monotonous, exhausted, frustrated. So, learn skills where you can enjoy and can do without chasing money. Money comes to you when do give value to your customers. 

Ways to make money online in Nepal

The given below points to make money online in Nepal is my top recommendation where you can get 100% paid to your hard work.

  1. YouTube
  2. Blogging
  3. Freelancing

1. YouTube

make money from youtube

It is one of the most popular all over the world. The world of video is growing very fast and has huge scope ahead. YouTube is a platform where you can make money part-time as well as full time. If you work well without violating policy you can earn a decent amount of money as well as fame. 

You have to make a video based on your interest providing value to the viewers. Later you can monetize video with Google AdSense. You can create a Google AdSense account for free and easing. For a guide, you can watch YouTube videos and after reaching $10 you need to verify your address. Google will send you a verification code to your location and when you get a minimum of $100 in your Google AdSense to account you can withdraw easily in your bank account. You just have to provide all the bank details. 

You need some skills like video editing and managing audio which you can learn easily from YouTube video tutorials and lots of (YouTube) channel is creating in Nepal. If you are interested then you can start now after reading this article. 


  • You can develop video, photo, audio editing skills when you choose this field.
  • It also helps you to develop communication skills.
  • This field makes you confident to speak.
  • Creating YouTube videos also helps you to enhance your knowledge and understanding.
  • You can also get sponsorship and increase your earning.

Note: To succeed in this field then you must enjoy working and have your interest.

2. Blogging


It is basically related to writing something or sharing one’s knowledge which creates values. The article you are reading now is a blog post. I am sharing my knowledge and experience to help people to make money. If you love writing instead of making videos and facing a camera you can write something valuable and earn money. You don’t have to be an expert to start blogging. Anyone having basic knowledge about the internet can start. You just have to buy a domain name and hosting plan to start. There are lots of hosting companies in Nepal. You can choose any based upon your preference and can start writing. It is not too difficult to start blogging.

Before starting, you have to see yourself whether you are interested in this field or not. Think about whether you can enjoy writing or not. You can’t start today and start making money. It takes time, patience, hard work. You just don’t have to give up. You have to write a unique blog post not by copying others. Once you start and keep doing you will get idea lots of things and one day you can start getting money. There are lots of blog articles and YouTube videos tutorials. 

You can make money on blogging by following ways:-

  1. Google Ads
  2. Affiliate program
  3. Selling your own product, etc

a. Google Ads

Once you write enough articles on your blog you can place Google Ads. An increase in traffic also increases revenue for which you have to use different SEO techniques. For SEO you can get enough articles on google and enough videos on YouTube.

b. Affiliate program

Like before I said you can sell other products and can get a commission. There are lots of affiliates program but it is difficult to earn from the affiliate program as of now in Nepal. It is because Nepal doesn’t have a good payment gateway and lots of programs are not valid in Nepal. You can try when you write a blog targeting other countries than Nepal. You can also add banner ads of the company in Nepal and can charge. Generally, you can do this when you start getting huge traffic on your blog.

c. Selling your own product

Once you have a website or blog you can also sell your own product and can earn money. You can create an e-commerce website like daraz and make a good amount of money. You also create educational videos, ebooks, and can sell your course. 

3. Freelancing


It is also one of the popular platforms where employers and employees both get benefits. The company outsources work from another place which helps them to minimize the cost of production. In Nepal, lots of freelancing company has been established and later more company will emerge. There is a huge opportunity for freelancers in the upcoming days. Some of freelancing websites are:-

  1. Upwork
  2. Freelancer
  3. Fiverr

You can work here and get paid. To understand more you can watch YouTube videos tutorials. To get paid you need to have a PayPal account which is a bit difficult to get in Nepal but not impossible. If you have someone abroad you can ask them to create one for you and when you earn you can get paid to your new PayPal account. From which you can transfer your friends and relative’s bank account who are living abroad and later you can them to transfer via Westen union, IME, and another payment method.

If you don’t have anyone then you can create your own. You can get lots of people on Facebook groups who can help you to get a PayPal account. Take risks on your own as there are also lots of scammers. From the PayPal account, you can transfer to the Unelma Pay account in Nepal. And from Unelma Pay you can transfer to esewa or bank account directly.

Disclaimer: All the information provided here is based upon the author’s experience and knowledge. The author can’t guarantee your success. It all depends on your interest and hard work.



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